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Atom Vapes Fusion Quit Kit from Go Groopie

Wean yourself Off cigarettes with the Atom Vapes Fusion Quit Kit 10 piece kit comes with 5 e-liquids, 15 piece with 10 e-liquids and the 25 piece with 15 e-liquids 5 week programme reduces amount of nicotine you inhale each session until you reach 0% E-cigarette boasts a multi-colour rainbow matt finish E-liquids flavours: tobacco, […]

Stop Smoking Now. Hypnotherapy Download Pack from Go Groopie

Kick the nicotine habit for good with the Stop Smoking Now. Hypnotherapy Pack Pack Includes: Stopping Smoking Questionnaire NLP Goal Setting for Stopping Smoking Hypnotherapy Stopping Smoking Session Hypnotherapy Stopping Smoking Sleep Version EFT Cravings Diminish EFT Energy Tapping Points Sheet Calming tracks can be listened throughout travels and whilst youre asleep Works through hypnotherapy […]

Pack of 20 Clear CE4 Atomiser Tanks from Go Groopie

Take vaping seriously with this Pack of 20 Clear CE4 Atomiser Tanks These clear tanks are disposable, keeping your supply going. Easy to fill with the top-fill design Each tank has a capacity of 1.6ml Working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V User guide included so theyre easy to install on your atomiser Compatibility: eGo thread, most batteries Add this Pack […]

Zeltu Lite 1000mAh Vaporiser from Go Groopie

For the perfect aid to kick smoking, switch to vaping with this Zeltu Lite Vaporiser Just add your favourite flavoured liquid for a healthier experience Includes 1.6ml atomiser with long wick and replaceable coil Runs on a high-quality 1000 mAh battery, voltage 3.3-4.2V Comes with a USB charger to keep it going Get a smooth, clean tasting […]